Fyunka Giveaway: Hanger Tote Bag, Makeup Bag and Notebook

Alaa Balkhy, the Saudi illustrator behind the Fyunka brand that we featured on Khaleejesque, has graciously offered to sponsor this week’s giveaway.

The gifts up for grabs include: the hanger tote, a kohl make up bag and one notebook of your choice from the 4 designs shown below.

Answer the question below to get a chance to win!

What was Alaa Balkhy’s first illustration that she designed?

A. “How many bags in the wardrobe?”
B. “Daddy I want a Birkin”
C. “So what now? I get another Birkin bag?”
D. “I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.”

The contest is open to all GCC residents.

Please answer in the comments section below. This contest will close on Wednesday 11th of April at midnight.

Good luck!

Note: One answer per IP address. If we see that there are identical IP addresses from several people, those entries will have to be disqualified.

UPDATE: The lucky winner of the Fyunka giveaway is HAWRA Q. Congratulations! 


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