Nuqta: User-Generated App of Arabic Typography and Calligraphy


Have a passion for Arabic typography and calligraphy? Then the Nuqta app is for you.

Nuqta is like an Instagram for Arabic typography and calligraphy. Users can post, share and comment on pictures from other users around the world. It also serves an educational purpose as users can learn about historical calligraphy. This web and mobile app is simple. Find a piece of Arabic writing, take a picture, post it on Nuqta and share your experiences with your followers. You can later browse collections from around the world with Nuqta’s online picture library and user profiles.

It’s free, it’s educational and an excellent resource. All you need to do is to download it off iTunes and start sharing your love for Arabic typography and calligraphy!

Click here to download the Nuqta app. 

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