Avenue32 x TheOverdressed: A Fashionable Affair in Bahrain


Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa and Roberta Benteler

Luxury online retailer Avenue32.com was hosted recently in Bahrain by Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa from TheOverdressed.com in a one of a kind shopping experience in the Green Bar Headquarters. Founder of Avenue 32.com Roberta Benteler created her platform for young designers to be able to showcase their products through their shops. Benteler believes that working for young designers gives her insights into the challenges young designers face.

Various well-known designers were displayed like JJS Lee, Charlie Brear, Eudon Choi and Regina Pyo. As for the accessories section, it was filled with designers the like of Degano and Elas Marotta along with Venessa Arizaga necklaces and clutches from Erziak. The lovely event ended with giveaway bags that included a 10% discount card from Avenue32.com, a Green Bar Body Oil along with other goodies.

To catch up with fashionable updates visit TheOverdressed.com and check out online retailer Avenue32.com for the latest in luxury fashion

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