Angelina: An Afternoon in Paris at Dubai Mall

The Dining Area
The Dining Area

The world’s best Chocolat Chaud is served at Angelina, The Parisian tearoom that opened its first branch on Rue de Rivoli in 1903.  At the time a firm favorite of the wealthy aristocrats and socialites, Coco Chanel was one of their most loyal customers with table no 10 always reserved for her.

Angelina still remains a celebrity favorite and a trip to Paris is incomplete without at least once experiencing the splendor of this typically French Salon.

Recently, Angelina opened its doors at the prestigious Fashion Avenue inside Dubai Mall. The tasteful décor is reminiscent of the early 1920’s design aesthetic-refined and sophisticated it has that same quintessentially Parisian ambience.  Beautifully crafted furniture, exquisite wall paintings and Belle-Epoque mirrors it has a traditional charm to it.The patisserie corner at the front of the house is worth admiring.  Beautifully decorated sweet treats are lined up tempting anyone who walks past.

The Inviting Entrance
The Inviting Entrance

Our meal began with Smoked Salmon and Avocado starter. Refreshing and light it matched well with the simple and but tasty Three Tomato Carpaccio served with Buffalo Mozzarella.

For the mains we tried pan-fried Sea Bass-beautifully cooked with courgette tagliatelle and a rich creamy curry sauce.  The dish was a surprising mix of flavors that were in perfect harmony.

Finally it was onwards to the most anticipated part of the meal-dessert and the old-fashioned hot chocolate. The Mont Blanc arrived in all its glory-a beautifully constructed mountain of sweet chestnut puree filled inside with fluffy whipped cream and a light and airy meringue.  Deliciously decadent the Angelina recipe is unmatched.

Mont Blanc and Hot Chocolate
Mont Blanc and Hot Chocolate

As the most coveted hot chocolate ever, the recipe for l’Africain (“The African”) remains top-secret. Served in a silver pot with a side of fresh whipped cream the aromatic drink is thick, luscious and velvety-each sip must be carefully savored.

Angelina is legendary for its service and food and fortunately for us it brings the taste and experience of Paris right to our doorstep.

– Saira Malik

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