Ramadan 2014 TV Show Picks

We know how hard it is to keep up with Ramadan TV series, so to save you from all the headache, we decided to give you a preview of the shows we think will be a hit this month!

El Khati’a

6:00 pm on OSN Yahala Shabab HD



7:00 pm on MBC Masr


Saheb El Saa’da

8:00 pm on MBC Masr


Kalam Aala Wara’

8:00 pm on Al Nahar TV


El Kebir Awy 4

8:00 pm on CBC Drama



8:00 pm on Sada El Balad


Khali Wesal

8:15 pm on Alrai TV


Bab El Hara

9:00 pm on MBC 1


Doctor Amrad Nisaa

9:00 pm on Al Hayat Musalsalat



9:05 pm on Alrai TV


Saraya Abdeen

9:30 pm on MBC Masr


Al Sayyeda Al Oula

10:00 pm on Abu Dhabi 1


Keid El Hamawat

10:00 pm on Al Nahar Drama


Halawet El Rouh

10:00 pm on Abu Dhabi 1


Al Hikr

10:00 pm on Nile Family


Jarh El Senin

10:30 pm on Alrai TV


Embratoreyet Meen

11:00 pm on MBC Masr


Segn El Nisaa

11:00 pm on Dubai TV


Farq Tawqit

11:00 am  on Al Nahar TV


Dala’ Banaat

11:00 pm on Al Hayat



11:40 pm on Alrai TV


Sadiq El Omr

12:00 am on Al Kahera Wal Nas TV +2


Ibn Halal

1:00 am on MBC Masr

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