Top 10 Annoying Arab Fashion Trends

Have you ever passed by someone and thought to yourself “What is she wearing?” *raises eyebrow* Well, obviously we’re not talking about the fabulous fashion trends. So, here’s a list of some of the most annoying fads we’ve been seeing in the streets of Kuwait:

1. Chanel perfume bottle iPhone case
Is it for the lack of perfume bottles you already have at home? Oh! But this time it’s with a shoulder strap…

2. High heel tennis shoes
You either wear tennis shoes, or you wear high heels. The two don’t mix together!

3. The fake mole
What’s the point in pretending to have one when everybody else knows it’s a fake?!

4. Tattooed and brick thick eyebrows
Some people take tattooed eyebrows to a whole new level. You don’t want to look like you’re constantly angry, now, do you? Now, for the thick eyebrows…well, what can we say, it’s like having 2 bricks glued to your forehead!

5. Lady turbans
If you’re a hijabi, at least make an effort to wear something with a high neck…

6. Man pouch which is attached to the leg.
It doesn’t even look good. Why is it even attached to your thigh? Can’t you just carry a shoulder bag or something?

7. The obsession with plastic surgeries
Everyone wants to look like a doll now because natural beauty is so 10 years ago *flips hair*

8. Heel-less platform shoes
Maybe a slight elevation off the ground would “inspire” you to take them off!

9. Girls wearing that really tight hijab with half of their hair showing
You’re either a hijabi or you’re not. There is no halfway hijabi.

10. And the most popular one… Looking like a clown because of too much makeup
You don’t want to terrify the little kids, now, do you?

– Ayat Abdulla

Illustration by Alymamah Al-Awadhi

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  1. Why was this “article” uploaded when I sincerely doubt it would have been published in your magazine? Besides the condescending tone, I got nothing out of this article – It wasn’t entertaining or constructive.

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