Art Space: Kuwait’s Latest Community Art Centre and Cafe

Art Space is an interesting concept that opened up in Kuwait recently. This cool space is located in Galleria 2000 in Kuwait and hosts different art workshops that are offered for everyone interested. What also makes it interesting is that the space is not only an art space, but it has a cafe within. The short courses that are offered are two hours long which makes the art classes very convenient.

Art Space is perfect for all artists who want to enjoy their time in a carefree environment expressing their artistic side. The workshops are available for adults, kids and teens. A variety of workshops are offered throughout the week whether  pop art or acrylic painting, you’ll find what you want! The Kids and Teens Workshops are from 8:30 to 10 pm and for all levels from 10-11:30 for the Ramadan hours.

For more information, follow their Instagram account @artspaceq8


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  1. Hi, id like to know what arts activities you have for 9 to 10 years ol boy. I’m talking about drawing do you teach drawing techniques for this age? If yes, during summer time from when to when? Timing and how much?

    Thank you,

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