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Online Travel Site Launches from Kuwait

For a country with 3.3 million people, Kuwait is known to be one of the highest traveled population in the Middle East. This fact inspired Kuwaiti travel expert Ahmed N. Refai to create, a world-class online travel portal that boasts a bilingual user experience, strong inventory allocation power with airlines and hotels, the ability to pay through local debit card, and a local Arabic-speaking call centre.

Refai says, “We are very excited to show the world what we’ve been working on all these years. Starting today, customers in Kuwait, the region, and globally have access to’s beautiful and easy booking and payment experience that rivals leading global booking sites and even surpasses them with support for local debit card, Arabic language customer support and other added value services.

In the following months, we will also be launching additional services on the website such as hotel transfers, car rentals, adventure tours and in-destination activities and attractions which will provide travellers with the complete travel booking and payment experience. We believe that the best packages offered simultaneously with personalized and localized service through our call center will be the key in getting our customers to book with us over and over again.”

The site is extremely user-friendly and it’s not a bad thing that it’s beautifully designed as well. We know we can’t wait to book our upcoming trips now! is now officially live worldwide, and users can use promo code 181114 daily over the next two weeks to save up to 10% off any travel purchase made through the website.

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