Mission Makkah: Cleaning the Holy Mosques

This short film from The Department of Cleaning and Furnishing details the efforts that go into keeping the two holy Mosques of Makkah clean for pilgrims. A grand scale operation employing more than 2,700 cleaners, 260 controllers, 200 officials, and 100 supervisors, both male and female. There are four shifts a day where trained staff use high tech equipment to clean yet not damage the Mosques.

Impressive and heart warming, this film sheds a fresh, new light on one of the wonders of the world.

Check out the short film here.

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1 thought on “Mission Makkah: Cleaning the Holy Mosques”

  1. Salaam mo3laykoem WarhamatoeAllahi wa barakatoe,


    My question is, are you the cleaning crew in Mecca and Medina?
    Because I live in the Netherlands and I want to come inshaaAllah move to Mecca. I want really to clean mecca.
    InshaaAllah I hear from you.
    would you prefer to email me back.
    BarakaAllahu fiekum.

    Brahim aarbaj

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