Vetrina: Instagram Shopping Made Easy in Kuwait

I am one of those people that are guilty of using shopping as a form of therapy. Since Instagram stores have entered the scene, I felt like I was off my game. I didn’t know about all the different shops and services that were being provided on Instagram. I would spend hours just browsing stores and accounts the same way I would do when I would go to Avenues or Marina Mall.

When I stumbled onto Vetrina, I knew I had struck gold. Vetrina is an online Instagram store directory. It has 3345 Instagram stores registered under 97 different categories. From bridal fashion to chocolate to car companies, you will be able to find everything your heart desires on the Vetrina app. As happy as this app makes me, the one little downside is the “Ask For The Price” button. I prefer to know how much something is before I imagine myself strolling down the street wearing it. However, If you are like me and guilty of Instagram shopping, download Vetrina on the app store and shop away!

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3 thoughts on “Vetrina: Instagram Shopping Made Easy in Kuwait”

  1. Is there an actual need for the “ask for price” button ? Why can’t the price just be listed ? I feel like its there to make some room for haggling (مكاسر) maybe ?!

  2. wao..Its really amazing to shop from Instagram account.. All the latest designs and collections are available there, Instead of using online shopping site we prefer Instagram shopping. we too have an Online designer wear shopping site in India and we generally do promotions on social media accounts mainly like Instagram and Facebook.

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