Urban Dualism: The Beauty in Parks

The sight of greenery, trees, and flowers lightens up and brings color to any kind of space. In cities, skyscrapers are usually so high; the views of cloudy skies disappear. Thus, the element of nature is more than just essential to grand cities, as it adds a calm atmosphere, opposite to what lies in the heart of a city.

Image by Hallah Danbouh
Image by Hallah Danbouh

The best example is Hyde Park in London, a simple stroll, lunch break or a quick read on a warm sunny day turns into a daily highlight. Another park that is dear to my heart is Bute Park in Cardiff, a five-minute away walk from my street. Its 130 acres of landscaped gardens and parkland was once connecting grounds of Cardiff Castle, while river Taff streams in between the fields and bridges, passing by the Principality Stadium and running all the way to Cardiff Bay.

Image by Hallah Danbouh
Image by Hallah Danbouh

The park’s placement is unexpectedly strategic, whenever the city gets chaotic and extremely busy, which is usually during Rugby match-days, the park, though it is set in front of the stadium, remains the perfect escape, due to its size and variety of cross-paths that connects to the majority of city streets; automatically dividing people’s attention or destination.

During all seasons, the park truly shines with its natural atmosphere. Whether it’s in the falling leaves of autumn, or the rainy days of winter. It enhances Cardiff’s urban fabric by providing a place full of mindfulness, and tranquillity for those stressful days.

Nevertheless, after a long wait, Al-Shaheed Park finally opened its doors to the public last year, yet it feels like it’s been more than a year because of its constant live activities. So far, it’s been a huge beneficial platform for all sorts of creative and cultural works, from arts to sports. The interaction of communities through events or simple observations of an artwork brings people together, such as Kuwait’s beautifully placed Constitution Monument.

Image by Hallah Danbouh

Luckily, I was visiting home during the time it opened and had a quick visit to check out their grounds, and the first word that crossed my mind was “Neat!!” Our city finally gained a valuable landmark that needs to be preserved, to remain the way it is as long as possible. However, the all-seasons’ benefit may not apply to Al-Shaheed Park due to our deathly heat temperatures during summer, other than that it’s always lovely for a walk between our city’s skyscrapers.

Parks are a true, essential element to any city in the world. Keeping them in constant progress and up-to-date, to be filled with people through events or activities is a great start in bringing people and different communities together to one place, for any form of cultural and artistic interchange, whether it’s through a platform full of talented poets, or through a morning yoga exercise to refresh your day.

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