The Science Issue – #16

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Science has always fascinated us and it would seem that finally the field of science is coming back into fashion. And it is here, on our very doorsteps, where many institutes are dedicated to the Gulf making its own mark on science. We’ve spoken to several of these regional experts for their insight into curing HIV with Yousef Al-Enizi and the culture of Dewaniya Alpha males has been dissected by Abdulaziz Al-Smairi. Perpetual thinker Haider Al-Mosawi has been pondering on the subject of philosophy and our own cultural analyst has looked into the science behind trends.

Legal expert Fajer Ahmed asks the menacing question why do we need law. On a lighter note, child advocate Shaima Namaver has explored the role of sensory learning in our youths and Emirate filmmaker Amal Al- Groobi reveals why her documentaries should be on our must-watch summer list.

We always had in mind that this issue could boarder on geeky but as this too is in fashion, enjoy releasing your inner nerd with The Science Issue.

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  1. سامي الشريدة

    العرض غير واضح، هناك كلمات انجليزية ليس لها ترجمة بالقاموس ، الهدف ايضاًغير واضح

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